Said has over 10 years of photography experience. He began shooting sports and lifestyle photos in as early as 2008. Since then has assisted well-known photographers, presented his work at a number of expositions and completed various roles in the photography industry making him very diverse and broad photo expert. Motivated by his passion he received a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Design with focus on Photography​​​​​​​.

Based in Zurich, Switzerland & Munich, Germany.

+49 (0)170 3666 430

Allianz SE, ADAC, Bosch, Granini Eckes AG, Volkswagen, K2 Sports, DC Shoes, Pleasure Snowboard Magazine, Blackout Skateboard Magazine, Etnies, Thirtytwo, Sole Tech, Holo Light, Desperado Swiss AG, Ernst & Young, Spiesser Magazine, Mafo Systemtechnik, Drake Snowboards, Goodquestion Supplies, O-Matic Snowboards, Relentless Energy, Rocket Internet, OTIS, Luscher Verlag,
Bayerischer Rundfunk, Sono Motors, Document Snowboard Magazine,
Bravo Sport Magazine, Method Mag, Golden Ride, Planet Sports,
Stubaier Bergbahnen AG, Playboard Magazine, MSN Sports, Zeitjung


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 SALTWorks, Ressourcenreich

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